Lincoln Democracy Institute Ad Warns of Rising Fascism

The Lincoln Democracy Institute released a new ad showing how generations of Americans fought against fascism and authoritarianism to ensure the nation would be the standard-bearer for liberty and individual freedom throughout the world. These fights took place on foreign battlefields and in the hearts and minds of American citizens here at home. 

Once again Americans are called to fight a rising tide of authoritarianism that threatens to sweep the nation by those who only care about their own raw political power. The people who planned and executed the attack on the Capitol on January 6th are still working to overthrow democracy and destroy individual rights.

“The values we cherish are again being threatened by individuals and groups who only care about gaining power and nothing else,” said Erin Dobson, Lincoln Democracy Institute Executive Director. “Every American who believes in democracy must reject violence and authoritarianism and get engaged in the elections this year.”

This ad is the second in a campaign to inform the public about the nature of authoritarianism and where it is taking root in America. It will run on cable news in Bedminster, NJ.

Previously known as the Franklin Project, the Lincoln Democracy Institute (LDI) will respond in real time to threats to our democracy. It will repudiate the lies of the right wing media and push back against those who threaten to use violence. LDI is the 501(c)(4) nonprofit affiliate of the Lincoln Project. It will seek to defeat the forces that imperil our democratic system, reminding Americans of the values that unite us and educating voters on the urgency for all of us to participate in the democratic process.

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