2023 Democracy Index

On January 20, 2025, America’s experiment with democracy will either continue as it has for over two hundred forty-eight years, or it will die.

Democracy’s fate will not be decided by who wins in November 2024. Rather, the outcome will be determined by whether those on the side receiving fewer votes will peacefully accept governance by those who are elected. The outcome of this is unknown for the first time in over a century.

The Lincoln Democracy Institute (LDI) set out to tackle this challenge by creating the 2023 Lincoln Democracy Index. LDI, along with our partner QuestionPro, interviewed more than 17,000 registered voters between January and April 2023.

Here are the key findings of that research.

If you wish to go deeper, here is the overview of the entire survey: The Existential Threat to American Democracy | Political Extremism, Radicalization, & The 2024 Presidential Election

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