Lincoln Democracy Institute Gets Out The Vote With Milwaukee Billboards

The Lincoln Democracy Institute announces it is placing billboards in Downtown and Southeast Milwaukie, Wisconsin to encourage voting in the critical 2022 midterm elections. Evoking images of the civil rights movement, the billboards are designed to let the public know what’s at stake in this election and to encourage early voting.

“American freedom hang in the balance this midterm,” said Erin Dobson, Lincoln Democracy Institute Executive Director. “Across the nation, the values we cherish are under threat by authoritarian candidates who seek only to serve themselves – not the people. These billboards are a way to encourage voters to make their voices heard and provide simple calls to action to request their ballots and participate in early voting.”

The Lincoln Democracy Institute (LDI) responds in real time to threats to our democracy. It repudiates the lies of the right wing media and pushes back against those who threaten to use violence. As the 501(c)(4) nonprofit affiliate of the Lincoln Project, LDI seeks to defeat the forces that imperil our democratic system, reminding Americans of the values that unite us and educating voters on a nonpartisan basis on the urgency for all of us to participate in the democratic process.

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