No Labels New And Dangerous Scam-Plan

November 1, 2023

The Lincoln Democracy Institute, affiliated with the Lincoln Project, is releasing a new ad to alert Americans to No Labels’ latest dangerous scam-plan to upend the election. 

These DC insiders want to split the anti-Trump vote so the election will be decided by the MAGA-controlled House of Representatives. No Labels is funded and staffed by Republicans, so guess who they really want to win?

It will be running digitally and targeted at No Labels’ donors and supporters.

“What No Labels is planning can only be seen as a threat to democracy,” said Erin Dobson, LDI Executive Director. “Their plan is to give MAGA Republicans a chance to try again what they couldn’t get done in 2020 – decide the Presidential election. The results could be catastrophic for American democracy.”


– [Commentator] No Labels is at it again.

The wealthy Washington lobbyists and insiders who run No Labels were busted for phony poll numbers, secret funding, and lying about their plans.

Now they’ve got a new scam.

Their plan: split the anti-Trump vote. Deny Joe Biden the states he needs to win. If they don’t elect Trump outright, No Labels will throw the election to the MAGA House of Representatives where they’ll pick the next president.

That’s right, No Labels wants Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, George Santos, and Lauren Boebert to pick the next president. We’ll give you one guess who the MAGA maniacs will pick. Funded by Republicans, staffed by Republicans, working to elect Republicans. That’s No Labels. And unlike what they’ll tell you, that’s the truth.

The Lincoln Democracy Institute (LDI) responds in real-time to threats to our democracy. It repudiates the lies of the right-wing media and pushes back against those who threaten to use violence. As the 501(c)(4) nonprofit affiliate of the Lincoln Project, LDI seeks to defeat the forces that imperil our democratic system, reminding Americans of the values that unite us and educating voters on a nonpartisan basis on the urgency for all of us to participate in the democratic process.

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